What to Do When You Have Problems With Your Vision

If you work on computers all day and well into the night like I do, you probably have some issues with your eyes. I used to have 20/20 vision until a few years ago. I couldn't see the small print on my computer screen, even after I adjusted the monitor's settings. Sometimes, everything would appear blurry or out of focus. Eventually, I sought help from an eye doctor. The doctor diagnosed me with computer vision syndrome and prescribed eyeglasses to correct it. Now, I rest my eyes as much as possible when I work. I wanted to help other people with their vision problems, so I started this blog. My blog offers many tips on how to improve your eyesight, as well as what to do when your vision fails. Good luck with your vision problems and thanks for stopping in.

Does Your Toddler Have A Wandering Eye Or Squint? Why You Need To See An Optometrist


Vision problems in toddlers often go undetected by parents because it can be difficult to know what to look for, and because the toddler often can't express that they can't see clearly. If you think that your child could be dealing with some type of vision problem, because they have a wandering eye or they are always squinting, you want to take them to see an optometrist at a clinic like Bucks Eye Specialits.

A pediatrician isn't an ocular specialist and may not be able to diagnose the eye issues that your toddler is dealing with, and an optometrist is an eye specialist. Here are a few of the things you may be overlooking when it comes to your toddler.

Wandering Eye

If your toddler has an eye that you notice sometimes wandering, even though it doesn't always do it and you can't get it to happen in front of the pediatrician, you want to see an optometrist. Having a lazy eye is something that can occur when the muscles in the eye haven't fully developed, but you want to see if the problem needs to be corrected. The child could need the following:

  • Glasses to help correct a vision problem and to prevent the eye from getting tired
  • Exercises to strengthen the eye muscles
  • Surgery to attach loose tendons or ocular structural components

You want to make sure that this isn't something that can affect them for a lifetime if the problem doesn't get corrected.


You may think your child is constantly squinting because of bright lights, but a light sensitivity can indicate that there is a vision problem, and squinting can indicate that the child is having a hard time seeing. If you notice your child squints even when they aren't out in the sun, you'll want to take them to an optometrist to have an eye exam that tests both the vision strengths and sensitivity concerns.

There are many other indications that could be noticeable in your child if they have a vision problem, like having headaches, difficulty recognizing shapes, letters and colors, and having coordination concerns. When you go to the optometrist they are going to help diagnose any ocular problems that your toddler may have, and then determine what the best treatment solution will be. Get your child checked out as soon as you can in case your child is dealing with a degenerative problem, and to stop their vision struggles. 


27 July 2016