What to Do When You Have Problems With Your Vision

If you work on computers all day and well into the night like I do, you probably have some issues with your eyes. I used to have 20/20 vision until a few years ago. I couldn't see the small print on my computer screen, even after I adjusted the monitor's settings. Sometimes, everything would appear blurry or out of focus. Eventually, I sought help from an eye doctor. The doctor diagnosed me with computer vision syndrome and prescribed eyeglasses to correct it. Now, I rest my eyes as much as possible when I work. I wanted to help other people with their vision problems, so I started this blog. My blog offers many tips on how to improve your eyesight, as well as what to do when your vision fails. Good luck with your vision problems and thanks for stopping in.

Is Your Child Ready to Get Their Driver's Permit? Schedule an Eye Exam for Them


Getting behind the wheel is something that millions of adults do in America each day, but it becomes almost second nature to them after growing accustomed to operating a vehicle for so long. It does not always feel this way, and it all begins with getting a driver's permit to learn everything about driving. If your kid is just about old enough to get their own permit and they have shown the desire to drive, you should take them in for an eye exam to help with the preparation stages of becoming a driver. 

Maximize Their Safety on the Road

An essential component of driving safely on the road is being able to see everything clearly. People, cars, streetlights, and the environment are all things that a driver must clearly see when behind the wheel. An eye examination is ideal as it will make sure there are no problems with your kid's vision. This will ultimately maximize road safety for them because it will ensure their vision is not an obstacle. If there vision could use a little improving, they can always get a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Give Them Confidence to Drive

It is understandable for your child to be nervous about driving. You may have grown used to being on the road after years of driving, but it will still take your kid some time for this to happen. When an eye exam tells them that their vision is excellent and that it will not cause any problems on the road, it can give your child a boost of confidence that they might need to become comfortable while driving.

Find Out About Eye Issues Early On

It is certainly possible for eye issues to develop over time and become a major issue down the line. Getting an eye exam before your child gets a driver's permit will bring these complications to light. If the problem is preventable, you may be able to take steps to prevent symptoms from occurring or getting worse. If the eye issue is unavoidable, the greatest course of action is to prepare for future care. Knowing the symptoms of certain issues can give your child the right notice of when to stop driving or get help.

With how much responsibility one has to take on when getting behind the wheel, it makes sense to schedule an eye exam for your kid before they begin the process of driving with a driver's permit. Talk to optometrists like those at San Anselmo Optometry in your area for more information.


17 January 2017