What to Do When You Have Problems With Your Vision

If you work on computers all day and well into the night like I do, you probably have some issues with your eyes. I used to have 20/20 vision until a few years ago. I couldn't see the small print on my computer screen, even after I adjusted the monitor's settings. Sometimes, everything would appear blurry or out of focus. Eventually, I sought help from an eye doctor. The doctor diagnosed me with computer vision syndrome and prescribed eyeglasses to correct it. Now, I rest my eyes as much as possible when I work. I wanted to help other people with their vision problems, so I started this blog. My blog offers many tips on how to improve your eyesight, as well as what to do when your vision fails. Good luck with your vision problems and thanks for stopping in.

The Signs Of Potential Cataract Development


While you are not able to self-diagnose yourself with cataracts, there are some symptoms of this eye problem that you can keep in mind. This way, should you find that you are experiencing them, you will know that it is time to make an appointment with a reputable optometrist.

Sensitivity To Light

The occasional sensitivity to light is not uncommon for many people and it should not be cause for alarm. This is especially true for those who are suffering with migraines. You might also have a brief sensitivity to light if you abruptly walk from a dark room into a very bright room. However,  if you are starting to find that bright lights are starting to bother you consistently and you cannot find a cause for it, you may be starting to develop cataracts.

Frequent Changes To Prescription

If you wear contacts or eyeglasses, you may find that your prescription changes slightly every year when you go back for your routine exam. This is not uncommon and many people start to expect it. The thing is, if you are starting to develop major changes in your prescription to the point that you need to go back to the eye doctor sooner than normal because you are having trouble seeing properly, you might have cataracts starting to develop. This could be happening in one or both of your eyes. A skilled optometrist will be able to figure out how severe the problem is.

Halos Are Appearing Around Lights

While you should try to avoid looking directly into lights, it occasionally happens. What you want to make note of is if you are starting to notice that there are halos starting to form around the lights. This is a strong indication that there may be something going wrong with your eyes, such as the recent development of cataracts. It is important to make sure that you are getting to an optometrist as soon as possible so you can get a diagnosis.

Trouble Seeing At Night

If you have found that you are suddenly having more trouble seeing at night than you do during the day, it could be due to cataracts. Until your appointment with your eye doctor, you will want to avoid operating machinery, such as an automobile, at night for safety purposes. After all, it is already naturally harder to see things at night while driving than it is during the day. The cataracts could make it much worse.

Just make sure that you are scheduling an appointment with a trusted eye care professional in your area. This way, you will be sure to get the best care possible.  


27 March 2017