A Guide to Eye Exams


Regular eye exams are a crucial component of maintaining overall health. These routine check-ups provide a comprehensive assessment of vision and eye health, helping detect potential issues early on. This blog post will provide information on when to schedule an eye exam, what to expect during your appointment, and the importance of regular check-ups in preserving vision. Understanding Eye Exams An eye exam involves a series of tests designed to evaluate vision and check for eye diseases.

8 February 2024

A Closer Look At Diabetic Eye Treatment: Strategies To Prevent Vision Loss


Living with diabetes requires diligent management to prevent complications, especially when it comes to maintaining good eye health. Diabetic eye treatment plays a vital role in preventing vision loss and preserving clear vision for individuals with diabetes.   Understanding Diabetic Eye Complications Diabetes can lead to various eye complications that, if left untreated, can cause significant vision problems and even blindness. Two common conditions associated with diabetes are diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema.

5 June 2023

What Your Eye Doctor Wants You To Know About Pink Eye


Pink eye is a fairly common virus that affects people in all age groups. If you or one of your children might have pink eye, it's important that you understand the facts about this condition. With a lot of misinformation out there, many affected individuals don't really understand pink eye. Here's a look at some of the things that your eye doctor wants you to know. Pink Eye Is Actually Conjunctivitis

22 November 2022

Why You Might Need Reading Glasses (And When To Start Wearing Them)


It's not just older adults who need reading glasses. Even young people can develop eye conditions that require the use of corrective lenses. If you've been experiencing constant eye strain or headaches after spending time reading, you might need reading glasses too. Discover a few key signs that you might need to start wearing reading glasses. A Brief Overview If you've never needed glasses before, the concept of reading glasses might be a bit confusing.

20 June 2022

Ocular Pressure-Lowering Interventions After Cataracts Surgery


Cataracts can cause visual problems such as dim, blurred, and hazy vision. Cataract formation refers to when the lens of your eye becomes clouded or opaque. Cataracts often develop as a result of advancing age; however, certain medications, eye injuries, excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, and genetics may also play roles in cataract formation. During cataracts surgery, your doctor will remove the clouded lens and replace it with a clear implant.

29 December 2021

2 Things Your Optometrist Will Do At Your Appointment


If you have noticed that it is getting harder for you to see, then it might be time for you to visit an optometrist and get your eyes checked. You should see an optometrist regularly, but if you have not worn glasses or contacts in the past, you might not get your eyes checked regularly. Changes in your vision can be sneaky, and you do not always notice them until they get bad enough that you can't see as clearly as you used to.

5 August 2021

Three Precautions When Shopping For Eyeglasses Online


The internet is a place where you can find just about anything you want or need. However, when shopping online, you must do some extra due diligence to ensure you find what you need. If you have a prescription for glasses and you plan to shop online, here are just some of the things to keep in mind. Function and Style Shopping for your eyeglasses solely online will require you to pay attention to function and style.

19 March 2021

What To Expect When You See The Optometrist For A Checkup


If you've always seen clearly and have never had any vision problems before, you may have made it this far in life without ever having to see an eye doctor. Now, your doctor has recommended you see an optometrist, just to make sure everything's still okay. While your friends who have been seeing eye doctors all along will see this experience as normal, you might be feeling a bit intimidated and unsure about this new endeavor.

23 December 2020

Why See An Ophthalmologist?


Your eyes allow you to witness the world in all its beauty. Most people would not be able to perform their current jobs or live their current lifestyles without good vision. That's why it's important for you to care for your eyes with proper medical treatment. You have the option to see an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Here are four reasons to see an ophthalmologist for your eye care needs: 1. Ophthalmologists can offer routine eye exams.

11 September 2020

How Often Should You Have Your Pupils Dilated


Pupil dilation is an optional part of most eye exams that is usually offered to patients at their optometrist appointment. Some people may have it done just because, but do you need to have it done, and how often should this procedure be done? If you aren't sure, read on for information to use as a guide, as well as information about what pupil dilation is used for. Who Should Have Pupil Dilation?

26 July 2019