What To Expect When You See The Optometrist For A Checkup


If you've always seen clearly and have never had any vision problems before, you may have made it this far in life without ever having to see an eye doctor. Now, your doctor has recommended you see an optometrist, just to make sure everything's still okay. While your friends who have been seeing eye doctors all along will see this experience as normal, you might be feeling a bit intimidated and unsure about this new endeavor.

23 December 2020

Why See An Ophthalmologist?


Your eyes allow you to witness the world in all its beauty. Most people would not be able to perform their current jobs or live their current lifestyles without good vision. That's why it's important for you to care for your eyes with proper medical treatment. You have the option to see an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Here are four reasons to see an ophthalmologist for your eye care needs: 1. Ophthalmologists can offer routine eye exams.

11 September 2020