The Signs Of Potential Cataract Development


While you are not able to self-diagnose yourself with cataracts, there are some symptoms of this eye problem that you can keep in mind. This way, should you find that you are experiencing them, you will know that it is time to make an appointment with a reputable optometrist. Sensitivity To Light The occasional sensitivity to light is not uncommon for many people and it should not be cause for alarm.

27 March 2017

How to Choose the Perfect Set of Contacts


Maybe you've just visited the optometrist and learned that you need corrective eye wear or perhaps you've been wearing glasses for decades. In any event, deciding to wear contacts for the first time can be reason for excitement. Not only do you get to choose a set of contact lens that will help to improve your vision, you'll also be able to change your eye color if you so choose. Pick out an optimal pair of contacts by using the pointers highlighted in this helpful guide.

8 February 2017

Is Your Child Ready to Get Their Driver's Permit? Schedule an Eye Exam for Them


Getting behind the wheel is something that millions of adults do in America each day, but it becomes almost second nature to them after growing accustomed to operating a vehicle for so long. It does not always feel this way, and it all begins with getting a driver's permit to learn everything about driving. If your kid is just about old enough to get their own permit and they have shown the desire to drive, you should take them in for an eye exam to help with the preparation stages of becoming a driver.

17 January 2017

How To Pick Perfect Eyeglass Frames


Are you in need of new glasses? Or maybe, after a recent vision test or problems with your vision, you are going to get glasses for the first time. Whatever the case may be, picking new eyeglasses is always a bit of a daunting task. Obviously, you want to find glasses that are affordable and that will hold up for several years, but you also, of course, want glasses that will look great on you and complement your features.

12 January 2017